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Our mission is to solve complexity with Healthcare EDI transaction management and deliver innovative EDI solutions to create efficiency and savings. We believe that healthcare EDI should be easier and more cost effective.

Today we are delivering on this promise for payers and providers across the U.S. with the most efficient and reusable EDI transaction management platform in the industry. We serve as our clients’ advocate by knowing their standards, mitigating their risks and empowering them with an actionable plan to improve both efficiency and overall cost.

Healthcare EDI is easier and less expensive when we do it for you. We set the EDI standards for simplicity, reusability and cost effectiveness enabling our clients to focus on what they do best, which is delivering world-class healthcare.


VisibilEDI delivers next-generation healthcare EDI transaction management solutions that increase efficiency and lower cost. We deliver exceptional effectiveness and manageability above industry standards, resulting in compounding savings and simplicity for clients allowing them to focus on healthcare.

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Healthcare EDI SolutionsEDI Transaction Management Solutions

EDI Gateway Services

EDI Gateway

  • EDI transaction hub to aggregate and unify all connections
  • Reduce transaction processing costs by >25%
  • Increase auto-adjudication with business rules engine
Encounter Data-Services

Encounter Data

  • Integrated management of EDI encounter data of medical claims processing for Medicaid & Medicare
  • Analytics to optimize incentive metrics and KPI’s
  • Increased accuracy and reduction in exceptions
Provider Portal Services

Provider Portal

  • Enable 24x7 self-service for providers
  • Deflect customer support calls
  • Increase efficiency while reducing OpEx
Automated Benefit Enrollment Services


  • Standardize all membership sources
  • Eliminate support of in-house development efforts
  • Increase performance while reducing cost
Real-Time Transaction Services

Real-Time Transactions

  • Eligibility with real-time/batch verifications
  • Referral & Authorization requests
  • Claim Status to reduce inquiry call
Clearinghouse Services


  • Next-gen clearinghouse with full response management
  • Enables visualization and interaction with workflow
  • Full EDI X12 and proprietary file support

Complete Connectivity

Giving you full control over your data, empowering your organization.